Quality without compromise
and authentic design —

A new project idea.

Refinement, creativity, eclecticism and innovation lead Grande Arredo in creating elegant and very sophisticated spaces. The proposals range from furnishings, curtains, upholstery, kitchens to high-end accessories. The continuous search for precious materials and a refined style are the basis of the Grande Arredo project. The design is interpreted with a unique style, in which you can easily distinguish the search for beauty in all its forms.

Grande Arredo is form and function,
planning, design and elegance —

Just in a word innovation, at the service of individual needs.

Thanks to the great experience in the contract sector, we manage all types of big projects, complexes realizations for the residential, commercial, hospitality and public sectors and we know how to face up and solve the problems of each individual construction site.


The evolution of tradition,
quality and innovation by Grande Arredo —

Quality products that live long. From the project to the production and implementation of the single complement. Manual work yesterday as today, bent to the current needs of the contemporary world. Product and project evolution guarantee the high quality of our "turnkey" services.

Joinery —

today's technological solutions. We choose with care and attention the raw materials of our products, which are treated and processed according to the most modern techniques in order to guarantee an excellent result.

Handcraft Finishes —

manual work, the craftsman of yesterday, at the service of today's skills and needs. Convinced that even the most sophisticated implant could not replace human mastery, our creations are unique also thanks to the knowledge of the craft masters specialized in woodworking.

Boiserie designing —

much more than just paneling. The production of both classic and modern wainscoting distinguishes our work of total personalization of the spaces thanks to a complement of ornament bent to extreme functionality, able to give originality to the spaces.

Project —

light as a furnishing accessory in the service of man. We propose and accompany the individual project through the choice of the best lighting solutions. This is why we use lighting designers to guarantee the best luminous efficiency that can not only enhance the spaces, but to improve the life of man inside.

Complements, curtains,
linen and upholstery —

safety and aesthetics. Our interior designers are able to listen to the customer and translate their requests into selected curtains, unique fabrics, extreme quality. For our projects we support the customer, we select and guarantee, always, the best possible security through the choice of fireproof products and top quality leathers. The Grande Arredo final product has a great aesthetic effect based on the singularity and the design style.

Think green —

ecology and the environment are dear to us. Convinced that, today more than ever, it is an essential subject in everyday life and work, we are careful to preserve as much as possible the well-being of the world in which we live. All the processes of our production chain are under constant and strict control. Thanks to the implementation of projects that promote the growth and protection of our natural heritage, we are proud to actively support the preservation of the Mincio Park, a coffer of extraordinary landscape treasures, rich in rare biodiversity and to be preserved in addition to the enhancement of the Bertone Park Center, of the White Stork Reintroduction Center and for the conservation of the Forest-garden of the thousand trees.

We furnish all over the world —